Local Contracts & Travel Nurses

Why choose a local contract assignment?

Local contract assignments offer our employee’s guaranteed work schedules. This provides our staff member’s with the security of knowing they have a predetermined schedule set directly by the client.

Contract assignments have duration periods of 4 to 26 weeks (or longer), and employees working these assignments enjoy higher pay rates. Additionally, staff members working contract assignments are eligible for health and vision insurance plans, travel stipends, and contract completion bonuses. Please contact ECMStaffing to receive more information about available contract assignments in your area.

Travel Nurse Assignments

At ECMStaffing, we work with each employee one-on-one to find the travel assignment that best fits there needs.  By taking the time to understand our staff member’s employment desires, inefficiencies are eliminated, saving valuable time for our staff, client’s, and ECMStaffing.

During the hiring process, ECMStaffing will collect detailed information from the applicant regarding their contract assignment interests.  This is an important step in the process of understanding our employee’s needs, a step that is often overlooked by competing healthcare staffing agencies.

ECMStaffing receives new local and travel contract assignments daily from a variety of vendors located in Washington, Oregon and Idaho. Whether you are considering your first travel assignment or you are a seasoned traveler, you can rest assured that we will diligently work at finding the local or travel contract assignment you’ve been looking for

Travel stipends, health and vision insurance, and contract completion bonuses are offered with most local and travel contract assignments.  Please contact ECMStaffing for more information about contract assignment benefits.

To receive more information about available local and travel assignments, please contact ECMStaffing at (877) 475-0695.  What are you waiting for?  Come join the ECMStaffing team today!!

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